Website Submission Services

Website submission is usually recognized as one of the first steps in online marketing and promotion. It is a known fact that more the number of backlinks to a website, high is the search engine ranking and visibility. But submitting to a myriad of websites always remains a challenge for any web business, small or big.

We have a database consists of a carefully reviewed collection of quality sites. We only do manual submissions in order to avoid any spamming and penalties. Most web directories have anti-spam devices in their system so that automated submissions have a greater chance of rejection. We have a team that will manually submit your website with the top directory sites, without the chance of rejection. It’s important to note that our team will never use methods that violate the search engine policies or guidelines and that our search engine optimization and submission techniques are second to none.

Here are Some Different Types of Our website Submissions:

Social Submission Service

Social bookmarking sites are a great way to store, classify and share search links through social tagging. You can announce that you have a new website which in return can generate more traffic to your site.

Directory Submission Service

Directory submissions are comparatively an inexpensive method to gain a one-way link and increase your link popularity. We only submit to quality directories with a minimum page rank.

Article Submission Service

When you publish articles to your website, it adds to the credibility and makes your site more trustworthy to its users. Also, it is a free way to get targeted traffic website.

Press Release Submission Service

Press releases and announcements to the news and media are some of the most effective ways to market your site and generate traffic. By submitting your press release to the media, they can publish it to thousands of editors all over the globe, giving you massive exposure.

Advice on Designing Effective Web Banners for Marketing

Banners are a revolutionary framework that revolutionized web designing. It has been seventeen years since the first web banner presentation appeared on a website. A good web banner is one which is able to transcend the perception of an average browser. Like any marketing strategy, web banners are also a means of advertising. It promotes a particular website or a product. Sometimes they appear as pop-ups on certain web pages.

Web banners are the identity of your website. The idea is to keep it as simple as possible. Consider Facebook banners. The wall of each Facebook profile is flashy and colorful. So the Facebook banner itself is simple. Facebook also allows users to create their own profile banner.

Creating a web banner requires good skill and ability to read the mind of the browsers. The designer should know the specific strata of people they are targeting and also the purpose of the website. From very basic steps like selecting color and font to express the idea of the website, the designing of a web banner could be a tedious process.

A good caption or a punchline can be an effective method to enhance the effectiveness of your web banner. It should be something that goes well with the content of the website. The punch line should be verbally appealing with correct usage of fonts and colors.

The size of the banner is as important as the byline or content of the website. The most preferred size is 10 kb or less than that.

If you intend to create a banner so as to market a product, then it is advisable to have pictures or anything that is related to the product that you are selling. Make sure that the pictures that you are selecting are relevant to the product and are appealing to people for whom you introduce the product.

In addition to creating pictures, you can also mention any incentives that you aim to give to the customer. If anything comes free with the product do not ever forget to mention this, as people are easily attracted towards such enticements.

If you are designing a banner for a website always remember to add the logo of the website. Choose a banner that goes along with the website. Do not choose logos that shrink your web page name or byline.

Similar to the logo is the usage of animated images or flash texts. These additions could obscure your web page or advertisements. So always choose them wisely.

If you are designing a banner to cater for advertisements then you may have to follow the rules and regulations of the publishers policy. In such cases, the publisher reserves all the right for the accepting or rejecting the advertisements.

Promotional Product Ideas That Work

In the field of marketing, promotional products are one of the strongest means of increasing the visibility of a product to the public at large, and to the targeted marketing population in particular. Promotional products are a very viable means by which a company or organization can give members of the general public a tangible item that represents the company, organization, and or product.

Lanyards and custom lanyards are excellent promotional products that can be worn around the neck. Product logos can be engraved upon or attached to lanyards, and are a promotional item that is very visible to the general public.

A great promotional product idea that works, and that is very economical for the company or organization that is dispersing them, are pendants. These items can be sold very cheaply to the public and can be worn by individuals showing the product organizational logo. Many restaurants give these away for free during the advertising of special meal offerings, as well as special events. These items are also used by politicians vying for a political position, due to the fact that these items promote them and their ideas.

Hats are a very good promotional product that can have a company or product logo easily inscribed on the front of the hat. This is a great way to promote a product or idea, due to the fact that when the hat is worn, it serves as a walking billboard for an organization or product. T-shirts are very viable promotional products that are very visible to the public at large when being worn. In addition, promotional T-shirts are very cheap to produce and can be sold to individuals at a relatively low price, which will make consumers more likely to purchase them. Hat and T-shirt combinations are great promotional product ideas.